iPhone 4s

The iPhone 4S

Apple is known for its forward thinking, cutting-edge and revolutionary inventions.

Some might have found the launch of an upgraded/evolved iPhone 4 instead of a revamped and brand new iPhone 5, to be less than remarkable. However, the 4S does present 3 very impressive upgrades, which should inspire die-hard Apple users to seriously consider purchasing the iPhone 4S.


Not surprisingly, the 4S is much faster and powerful. It features the same dual-core A5 chip that’s found in the iPad 2 and it makes opening apps, loading the web browser, scrolling through screens and countless other operations super smooth. Apple states that the 4S is twice as powerful as its predecessor and has 7 times the graphical prowess.


One remarkable difference between the iPhone 4 and the 4S is the addition of your very own “personal assistant” named Siri. When it works, it is an amazing feat of technology.


All Apple products from now on will have access to iCloud. This means that it no longer matters which device you use, you can access any piece of information you’re looking for, whether it’s an mp3, a photo, app or document.

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Posted on Nov 07, 2011